project life 2014 : weeks 17 – 18

May 14, 2014

This spread is from April 21 to May 4. I am still loving my simple layouts, but I do miss all the playing with paper and supplies that I used to do. That’s why I’ve been thinking so much about trying art journaling lately. I even went so far as to gather some supplies together last weekend. Of course I’ll let you know how that goes if I get around to it. :) These were a regular couple of weeks. I love the bottom left photo of us reading at bedtime. I also wrote in a bit more detail about the healthy habits I’ve been incorporating, specifically running. I just love this photo of the kids. Meredith is so pretty…
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whole person health : spiritual

May 13, 2014

Today I want to start talking about my journey back to spiritual health. I’m not going to get into my faith background and I’m definitely not saying that I have this figured out. I am just your average Christian girl who has a deep love for Jesus but hasn’t been nurturing that relationship. I’ve let it slip to the background, and although it will always be the foundation of my life, if I’m not growing in this area I am falling away. I want to be brutally honest for a second: my relationship with God began to suffer once I had kids, and not just because they are so much work and keep me so busy. I mean, I was so grateful…
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around here // real life home edition

May 12, 2014

My home is far from where I want it to be, but it’s cozy and in general it makes me happy. It stays pretty clean because I’m a “tidy as you go” kind of person, but nevertheless it’s not usually picture perfect. I decided to take some photos of our most used spaces with evidence of real life in them. I think this is the kind of thing that I will really want to remember down the road, not how everything looked perfectly styled. This is our only eating table. More often than not you’ll find that cushion on the floor because that’s Meredith’s seat and she hates the cushion. Here is our counter peninsula, aka the dumping ground. I…
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link roundup / 2

May 9, 2014

Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the internet. Enjoy! > somehow I always end up with more craft supplies than I need. It’d be fun to take this crash course to get ideas on how to use up what I have. > a lovely anecdote + thoughts about eating at the table, something that is so important to me. > did you know that Craftsy offers some free mini classes? I didn’t! I signed up for the basic quiltmaking one. > something serious for you if you’re up for it: a raw and honest update my friend Nora wrote on her feelings of grief as she processes her mother’s death. > and something totally not serious: hamsters eating tiny burritos. Ahhhh…
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goodbye eddie

May 8, 2014

This morning I woke up to find that our dog Eddie had died sometime in the night. We are sad. As you may know, Eddie has been struggling with severe anxiety for the last several months since Cleo died. We had been trying everything we could possibly think of to help her and I thought we were on the right track, but in the last week she relapsed and became destructive to our house and furnishings. We don’t blame her; we know she was suffering and didn’t know how to deal with it. It’s possible that she was physically sick but we were unaware. She had been checked by the vet and there wasn’t anything obviously wrong other than her…
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