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liam at three months

April 17, 2014

He: >Is all recovered from his bout with RSV and just finished his antibiotic for the subsequent ear infection (with minimal side effects!) >Has started cooing instead of grunting. That and his smiles are just the best ever. Makes it all worth it. >Can wear 6-month sized clothes. Big boy! >Looks so much different than Meredith, in my opinion. >Is a champion hair-grabber. >Has a couple balding spots on the sides of his head, but hasn’t lost any off the top. >Sleeps through the night, in bed with me. >May not get a lot of one-on-one attention, but he is showered with toddler affection and entertainment. :) >Is still a generally calm, happy baby. <3 I: >Am in a groove…
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meredith lately

April 16, 2014

Me: What’s your full name? Meredith: Merma Susannah Forbes! Me: Good! Do you want to know mommy’s full name? Meredith: Mommy Susannah Forbes! Me: Oh yeah? What about daddy’s? Meredith: Daddy Susannah Forbes! After her second Gogurt of the night… Meredith: I want anudder one! David: okay, but will you share it with daddy? Meredith: yeah David gives her the yogurt and she eats most of it… David: can I have some now? Meredith: no! David: hey, you said you would share with me. Meredith: well I not nice. Going through the drive-through for fast food at a time of desperation… Me: I’ll have a kids’ meal with a cheeseburger – Meredith: I wanna cheeseburger! Me: – and an apple…
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around here // momming up

April 11, 2014

As a mother I have moments like everyone where I feel completely underwater, where I can’t keep up, can’t manage all that I have to do, make a wrong decision, lose my cool, etc. But then there are days where I totally rise to the demands of my family, my household, and myself. When I know that things are just going to be crazy for awhile I tell myself to “mom up.” Things have to be done and there isn’t any use dwelling on it, so I do what I need to do. Recovering from Liam’s hospital visit was one of those crazy times. Our routine was totally off. Meredith was needy and cranky after two days hardly seeing me….
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to the hospital and back

April 4, 2014

Hey, so what started out at the beginning of this week as what I thought was a mild cold or allergies in Liam turned into a full-blown case of RSV & bronchiolitis that required him to be hospitalized for two days. So this is where I have to admit to a mom fail. On Monday he was already getting sick and had a wet cough, but I sent him to daycare anyway because he didn’t have a fever. Tuesday I realized it was more serious than allergies so I kept him home. By the end of that day his breathing was very labored and wheezy and I diagnosed him myself with bronchiolitis. I knew there wasn’t any treatment for it…
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back to work observations

March 26, 2014

>First of all, this is good. Aside from orientation being super boring for me since it’s just a review and involves a lot of sitting, I really like the new hospital and I LOVE the commute, which is about 15-20 minutes in the morning and half that in the afternoon. This is literally life-changing. >Liam has been a champ at daycare. He sleeps, he chugs his bottles (about 16 oz a day so far), he takes a pacifier if needed, he only fusses when he wakes up, and they haven’t had any trouble with his cloth diapers. >Pumping. Ugh. Apart from leaving my baby, it’s the worst part of being a working mom for me. I totally forgot all the…
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