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meredith is three!

July 21, 2014

Well my crazy girl is three. We had a casual family party in the park for her on Saturday evening. There was picnic food and cake. An awesome jungle gym and plenty of room to run around. Uncle Scott led the kids on a nature hike where the highlight was throwing sticks in the creek and looking for frogs. Even though Meredith spent the first half of the party subdued because of a bug bite that puffed her hand up, she eventually rallied and had a blast hanging out with all her favorite people. Then on Sunday, her actual birthday, we kept things pretty routine but she did get some extra treats, gifts from us, and more cousin play time…
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liam at six months

July 17, 2014

He: >Has his six-month checkup Friday, but according to our home scale he weighs about 20 pounds. He is in 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers! (He wears cloth during the day and disposables at night.) >Started on baby food last week! So far he’s just had a few bites and isn’t sure quite what to do with it. >Is extremely grabby and is finally enjoying sitting in his jumper toy sometimes. >Really is too big for his infant tub now, so I’m gonna have to graduate him to the big tub. >Holds his own bottle. >Loves tummy time now that he can really push up, but he’s starting to be a real roly poly. >Is an early riser…
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lazy potty training for the win

July 3, 2014

So, just like that, Meredith is potty trained. And it was easy. I’m not bragging because I had very little to do with the whole process. Like most moms, I’d guess, I both looked forward to Meredith being potty trained and dreaded the process. I couldn’t stand the thought of having to follow her around all day asking if she has to potty, putting her on there every thirty minutes, accidents aplenty, etc. So I put it off. Of course we have been talking to her about it for awhile. We got a training toilet a year ago, and Meredith got her first pack of underwear for Christmas (she was 2 1/2 years old). She occasionally wanted to wear them…
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liam at five months

June 17, 2014

He: >Has become pretty vocal! I guess he realized that he has to make himself heard around here. >Had a pretty bad diaper rash for about two weeks before I finally realized it was fungal and the new cream kicked in. Now it has improved a lot but is still stubbornly hanging on. (Side note: ask for recommendations for diaper rash on Facebook and you will get more comments than all of your other posts combined. It was awesome.) >Grabs himself (you know what I mean) constantly during diaper changes. At first I just thought he was itchy, but now I think it’s a boy thing. >Loves his feet. And I love the adorable little bundle he becomes when he’s holding…
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meredith lately

June 2, 2014

Me: I’m going to make a bagel. Meredith: and put butter and jelly on it? Me: yeah Meredith: don’t say yeah, say yes ma’am. After jumping on her mini trampoline and falling down on purpose… Grammy: Kaboomie! Meredith: I wanna go kaboobie again! While driving and David and I are attempting an adult conversation in the front seat… Meredith: mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy MOMMY MOMMY! Me: yes Meredith? Meredith: Daddy driving. Me: yes he is. We return to talking… Meredith: mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy MOMMY MOMMY! Me: yes?? Meredith: um…bird poop on yours car! David: say sand. Meredith: sand. David: say wich. Meredith: wich. David: say sandwich. Meredith: finjer! Commenting on what she and David brought home from the store… Meredith: I got toilet paper for yours butt! While David took her browsing…
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