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my favorite moments of every day

July 29, 2014

That first sip of coffee, when the whole house is dark except for the dim light in the reading room, and I settle into my chair and open my Bible. When Liam first wakes up and smiles over and over so wide that he can’t possibly look any happier to be alive, and I pick up his little body and marvel at the fact, once again, that he is here and he is mine. The first time I hug Meredith in the morning and and how she is so warm and cuddly and wanting nothing but to hold me. Seeing David again after we’re both home from work, and just being home. When I pick up the kids from daycare, and Meredith…
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natural personal care products

July 28, 2014

This post has been in the works for literally years, starting with way back when I decided to switch all my personal care products to natural versions. It’s been a super long process because first I used up what I had, and then whenever I would try a new brand if I didn’t love it I would still use it up before trying something new. Finally I’ve come to a place that I’m pretty happy with, although I’m sure I will still try new things (and update as I go). So as I’m choosing products what I think about is: 1) Is it natural and safe? There are some brands that I trust (you’ll notice several) but I also use the Environmental…
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things i’m working on

July 2, 2014

I’m working on Liam’s stocking. It’s progressing very nicely and I don’t think I’ll have a problem finishing this summer. I’m working on getting 10,000 steps on my Fitbit each day. Without trying, I average 7500, depending on how busy we are at work. So to make my goal, I’ll probably have to add in a walk each evening. I’m working on upping my pumping output. For me that means more water and timely pumping sessions. What else can I do? I’m working on potty training Meredith. Actually it’s pretty much done, and it was quick & easy. I’ll share my “secrets” soon. I’m working on making it halfway through Lonesome Dove (the book) by July 13 for book club. It’s a long one so…
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bullet journal update

June 18, 2014

I’ve been using my bullet journal for about three months now. If you haven’t heard of this method, you really should check out the website and the short video there. It’s a really neat method for organizing daily and monthly tasks, events, notes, lists, and pretty much anything else you can include in a notebook. For my journal I’m using a Moleskine Cahier Squared Journal because that’s what I had on hand. I think, though, that I might need more pages if I want it to last for an entire year. If I continue, next time I will also probably purchase a notebook with a hard cover. The squared pages are perfect though. One of the most important parts to…
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day in the life // may 2014

May 29, 2014

Last week I decided it was time for another day in the life. I recorded everything on Instagram, but here it is again all together. 5:37 am : the day begins with coffee. Liam has been awake for half an hour already so I just brought him out with me. 5:45 am : Meredith woke up crying asking to hold me. Now I have both of them on my lap. It’s going to be a sub-par Bible study this morning.  6:04 am : working on a God-centered mindset in the midst of distraction. 6:24 am : morning routine includes bottle prep. I have a helper for everything. 7:10 am : conquered the getting dressed meltdown and are headed out the…
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