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the houston project

July 15, 2014

Image credit I was recently inspired by my friend Stephany to experience our hometown more fully. This project is fun for me on so many levels. I have already greatly enjoyed researching more about Houston, compiling recommendations, and making this list of goals. Checking them off will be awesome too, as they involve a mix of family adventures and new date night ideas. I plan to post monthly about it with a roundup of all the things we did. But for now, here is my list: Family Adventures 1. Walk the Memorial Park loop and visit the Houston Arboretum 2. Go to a Sugar Land Skeeters game 3. Visit the Waterwall and Williams Tower observation deck 4. Play at Discovery Green 5….
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summer goals

June 24, 2014

I’m feeling really laid-back about this summer and don’t have anything huge planned. Maybe that’s how summer is supposed to be. These goals are things that might happen anyway, but hopefully this will motivate me to focus on them a bit more. >Complete Whole30 and reintroduction plan. I’m already on my way, but it’s a big deal and I want to stick with it so it’s going on the list. >Finish Liam’s stocking. When fall comes around there are other holiday projects I’ll want to work on, so I’d love to finish this before then. >Go to the beach. We only live 1-2 hours away, but it’s been years since I’ve been! >Read a long book. I’ve been so out…
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spring goals report

June 20, 2014

Although it has felt like summer for a month already, spring is technically just ending today. I liked doing seasonal goals and feel that they are appropriate for me this year. Here’s how I did with mine this spring: >Finish sewing my quilt top: Completed! Also sewed the back and obtained batting. >Add 5 new easy weeknight meals: Well, I added three. Baked BBQ taquitos, slow cooker taco chili, and taco chicken bowls. The taco chili and the taco chicken could easily be adapted for paleo (since that’s the lifestyle I’m aiming at), but the BBQ taquitos will have to be a splurge every once in awhile. >Complete Couch to 5k: Done, and ran a 5k race too. >Finish the 12-week Bible study:…
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spring goals

March 24, 2014

This year, with a new baby and a new job, monthly goals are a little much for me. However, there are obviously a lot of changes happening in my life and I’m feeling really motivated. I’m going to try doing seasonal goals and see how I like it! Last week was the first day of spring, and here are the things I want to accomplish in roughly the next three months: >Finish sewing my quilt top. I’ve done 7 out of 14 rows right now, then I need to press and sew them together. >Add 5 new easy weeknight meals to our rotation. Stuff like tacos, spaghetti, or burgers. Can be crockpot as long as it can cook for 8-10…
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cross stitch #4: liam’s birth

March 13, 2014

Here is another cross stitch project completed for my goal. This one only took me about two days to stitch up and finish. I wanted to make Liam one of these to match the one I did for Meredith and hang up in their room. The pattern is from an Etsy shop called Sewingseed and I added the personalization myself. I just hot glued it into the hoop and now it’s hanging on the wall looking cute! Nowadays I’m trying to power through the last few squares on my autumn sampler before I get burned out on it! 0 Like

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