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April 18, 2014


I have mentioned a few times that our 13-year-old dog is having panic attacks every day. They started after our other dog died and have only barely ¬†become manageable. She has been on anxiety medication for over a month and we have also been giving her a nightly sedative just so we can sleep, although it is not really supposed to be used that often but life is just unbearable otherwise. And it doesn’t even work all the time. We have tried a thundershirt and a pheromone collar and we take her on long daily walks or runs. The attacks usually happen in the evening and at night when we are home, but this week she had one during the day and I came home to this:


That bench was handmade by my grandfather and the cushion was custom so it can’t be replaced easily. ¬†Now every day I am worried about whether or not she will tear up more of our belongings. We are thinking about crating her during the day even though she’s never been crated before. This weekend we are borrowing my brother-in-law’s dog to see if that will help…thinking maybe she is having separation anxiety from our other dog who died a couple months ago.


I’ve been eating too many sweets. I need an intervention, I can’t stop myself! Seriously though, is there anyone out there who wants to do some sort of challenge with me, something like only two desserts a week? My entire needs an overhaul actually, but this would be a great baby step for me. I really need a challenge and accountability for it to work though.


We started a new tradition of having breakfast for dinner every Thursday night, because Thursdays are tiring (you’ve had a lot of week but it’s not quite over yet). We also go eat at my parents’ house every Friday night, so that means only five meals for me to plan each week, and one is leftovers! Anyone else have any weekly meal traditions?


I want to make a lot of progress sewing my quilt top this weekend. I might be doing it totally wrong but it’s coming together. Good thing I have no interest in perfection. The tips of my triangles are getting cut off because of the seam allowance…anyone know if this is normal?



If the kids cooperate (with being calm and/or taking naps) I also want to make some stuff to hang on our bedroom wall. Right now this is all I’ve got and it’s kind of sad. Look at that huge blank slate though!



Two new podcasts I’m enjoying: The Lively Show and Elise Gets Crafty.


It’s Good Friday. My prayer is to never take my Savior’s sacrifice for granted. I am so immensely blessed.

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liam at three months

April 17, 2014

He: >Is all recovered from his bout with RSV and just finished his antibiotic for the subsequent ear infection (with minimal side effects!) >Has started cooing instead of grunting. That and his smiles are just the best ever. Makes it all worth it. >Can wear 6-month sized clothes. Big boy! >Looks so much different than Meredith, in my opinion. >Is a champion hair-grabber. >Has a couple balding spots on the sides of his head, but hasn’t lost any off the top. >Sleeps through the night, in bed with me. >May not get a lot of one-on-one attention, but he is showered with toddler affection and entertainment. :) >Is still a generally calm, happy baby. <3 I: >Am in a groove…
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meredith lately

April 16, 2014

Me: What’s your full name? Meredith: Merma Susannah Forbes! Me: Good! Do you want to know mommy’s full name? Meredith: Mommy Susannah Forbes! Me: Oh yeah? What about daddy’s? Meredith: Daddy Susannah Forbes! After her second Gogurt of the night… Meredith: I want anudder one! David: okay, but will you share it with daddy? Meredith: yeah David gives her the yogurt and she eats most of it… David: can I have some now? Meredith: no! David: hey, you said you would share with me. Meredith: well I not nice. Going through the drive-through for fast food at a time of desperation… Me: I’ll have a kids’ meal with a cheeseburger – Meredith: I wanna cheeseburger! Me: – and an apple…
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the “perfect” photo

April 15, 2014

In Texas in spring the wildflowers pop up everywhere and people rush out to the sides of the highway to sit in the bluebonnets and take pictures. It’s a thing. Some people get awesome professional photos taken in them, but here am I with my cranky toddler, bobblehead infant, and my iPhone camera trying to force the perfect bluebonnet photo. I had just interrupted Meredith’s late-to-being-with nap for these. Told her to hold Liam in her lap so hold him she did. It was windy. In attempting to get artistic I didn’t even notice my finger over the lens. They got tired and wanted to lie down. (Also, we didn’t smoosh the bluebonnets, they were already like that.) So then…
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project life 2014 : weeks 13 – 14

April 14, 2014

This spread is from March 24 to April 6. It was my first week back at work, and the week Liam was in the hospital. Lots of photos here. Mostly people. I love that, but I think I would also like more pictures of our environment – the rooms we spend time in, our neighborhood, etc. I like seeing that stuff when I look back, so I’ll work on that. Those pictures with Meredith and her Pappy (David’s grandfather) are especially sweet because he just had a stroke last week. He is still okay, but lost his language, some strength, and fine motor skills. Week in review cards are still awesome. As is journaling on vellum! When I was putting…
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around here // momming up

April 11, 2014

As a mother I have moments like everyone where I feel completely underwater, where I can’t keep up, can’t manage all that I have to do, make a wrong decision, lose my cool, etc. But then there are days where I totally rise to the demands of my family, my household, and myself. When I know that things are just going to be crazy for awhile I tell myself to “mom up.” Things have to be done and there isn’t any use dwelling on it, so I do what I need to do. Recovering from Liam’s hospital visit was one of those crazy times. Our routine was totally off. Meredith was needy and cranky after two days hardly seeing me….
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